Battle throughout the world as either an elite counter-terrorist unit. or a terrorist cell Immersive. intense multiplayer action as you fight through 15 diverse maps including 7 exclusive to Xbox. New terrorist and counter-terrorist units. with new weapons for a wider range of tactics. Improve your skills in single-player Skirmishes. or play co-op matches with friends against AI Bots. plan and communicate with your friends with the Xbox connection. players will get a chance to use over 25 real-life weapons. including shotguns, sniper rifles. pistols and Xbox exclusive gear like a riot shield, blowtorch, and fiber-optic camera. Counter-Strike includes many elements, plus 20 of the single-player missions from Condition Zero. Xbox exclusive maps, 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, and 480p support.


Best Counter-Strike Global Offensive Xbox Aimbot?

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How to Use Counter-Strike Global Offensive Xbox Aimbot

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