Sekiro is the new game from Dark Souls studio From Software and its renowned director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Comparing games to Dark Souls is a well-trodden cliche at this point. and while there’s more reason to do so with Sekiro than most, it’s the differences that make it interesting. A fantastical take on Japan’s ninja mythology, Sekiro is much more of a straightforward action game than the Souls series. giving you a predefined character storyline and set of tools.

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There’s no multiplayer element, and you can even pause. The actual combat system is an even greater departure. Where Dark Souls emphasizes patience and defense, Sekiro is all about aggression. As well as a traditional health bar called vitality both you. and your enemies have a secondary meter called posture that depletes upon blocking an attack or having your own deflected. Foes become vulnerable to killing blows when either bar is at zero. but posture usually runs out first this makes for thrilling, intense combat that rewards you for taking risks and going on the offensive.

While you start every Souls game vulnerable, in Sekiro the protagonist stays fragile throughout the game. There are no classes, there is no armor to unlock. there are no stats to upgrade and you’ll never reach a point where you feel like you can tank a group of weak enemies. You’re always a mistake away from death, but you’re better equipped than ever before to prevent that from happening. intense combat that rewards you for taking risks and going on the offensive.

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